This month has been so busy. And this week and last week are ALL SORTS of hectic and busy. 

This week I am spending getting ready for a trip this weekend and wrapping up my last night of class. 

It seems so hard to believe that this is the last week of this class. After this… only 8 more weeks left of undergrad. So far I have gotten full credit on all of my assignments in class. I anticipate a 4.0 in the class (i am only missing the 10 points from when I wasnt in class a couple of weeks ago). I wanted to do more extra credit but I had already done the maximum. Oh well. 😦 


By Pita

Star Wars Day ((May 4th)).

Oh my goodness. WOW. The last few days have been…. absolutely AMAZING. So so busy… but SO SO …. just absolutely amazing.

I walked in commencement for my graduation yesterday. ^.^ I spent all day celebrating, taking pictures with friends and family.

keep calm and graduate 2014

Tomorrow, I am going to go see Daddy. 🙂



By Pita


My morning coffee got about a gazillion times more awesome yesterday.

Because few things make coffee better than it already is. And what’s more awesome than Giraffes??… pretty much nothing… unless….


By Pita


Home. 🙂  The trip was lovely. 

And, now…. commence a busy busy week getting ready for the end of the week and next weekend. 


By Pita


last day in the city before heading home and a busy busy week.

my family briefly mentioned the necklace i wear with my clip and tag on it again this morning  Though they have only seen the black cord and clip.

what a crazy start to the morning. 

By Pita


Today was interesting.

In some ways, a lot of today was fairly quiet. In other ways it was crazy…. but so much fun.

Got to the city around noon. Tonight we went shopping and got dresses for graduation.  I was wearing my tag and clip on the new chain/rope that I bought. Typically no one has asked me questions about it. But while trying dresses on, after I came out to show one dress in particular to my family they noticed the clip on the chain. I was really surprised when my mom asked about it/asked to look at it ((which didnt happen)).

anyway… she hasnt seen it more closely.. but it definitely caught me by surprise.

AND there was a pool at the hotel this weekend. it was nice to get to go swimming this afternoon 🙂 unfortunately we were  unable to find the spa so no hot tub 😦 but the pool was a lot of fun.


By Pita